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July 8, 2020
2020 mazda3 hatch
Car Reviews

2020 Mazda3 G25 Astina Review

June 25, 2020 William Leong

Those who demand more from their daily driver now have an answer. The Astina represents the top of the range Mazda3 available with sunroof and adaptive LED headlights, while inside it’s the only model to […]

2020 bmw x7
Car Reviews

2020 BMW X7 Review

June 24, 2020 William Leong

BMW may not be first to enter the Large Luxury SUV race, but their first-ever go at it, with the all-new X7 is mighty impressive. BMW has come a long way since introducing their very […]

2020 mazda2
Car Reviews

2020 Mazda2 Review

June 22, 2020 William Leong

Mazda continues to go strength to strength with the latest Mazda2. It dishes up more of the magic of its predecessor, only in a slightly bigger body. Mazda2 was launched in 2002, since then it […]

2020 kia stinger gt-line
Car Reviews

2020 Kia Stinger GT-Line Review

June 22, 2020 William Leong

The Stinger resulted from years of planning by Kia to make a name in the performance car world. With hallowed names like Peter Schreyer (designer of the original – and iconic – Audi TT) and […]

2020 kai sportage gt-line
Car Reviews

2020 Kia Sorento GT-Line Review

June 22, 2020 William Leong

Purchasing a family car is usually a straightforward decision. Many growing families would do well with a proper seven-seater but there are some who resist a van-style Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPV) at all costs because it […]

2020 kia seltos suv
Car Reviews

2020 Kia Seltos Review

June 11, 2020 William Leong

The Kia Seltos first appeared in South Korea in July 2019, with Australia’s launch in October 2019. (The Seltos name refers to the son of Hercules – and the marketing focus is indeed on young […]

2020 honda cr-v suv
Car Reviews

2020 Honda CR-V VTi-L Review

June 9, 2020 William Leong

Countless “soft-roaders” have emerged since the Honda CR-V’s creation, and now we cannot shake a tree without at least one of them falling out of it. The letters (CRV), it is worth noting, stand for […]

porsche 718 cayman
Car Reviews

2020 Porsche 718 Cayman Review

May 27, 2020 William Leong

It is a familiar formula that has quietly carved out its own niche fan club in the Stuttgart driving camp. We’re talking about the new Porsche 718 Cayman. A continuation of the proven horizontally opposed […]

2019 honda jazz
Car Reviews

2019 Honda Jazz Review

December 27, 2019 William Leong

The new Honda Jazz has become slightly sharper and more aggressive thanks to a redesigned front grille and splitter. You also get LED headlamps with integrated LED daytime running lights and LED tail lamps as […]

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