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August 14, 2020

2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Review

2019 mercedes-benz a-class

When we tested the latest, fourth-generation, Mercedes-Benz A-Class we were uncertain whether this new GTI contender would be more than niche filler.

Considering its unwieldy predecessor, the new car needed improvement in the handling department.

We found the new A-Class handled surprisingly well and were impressed with how deserving the chassis was of a more powerful lump under the bonnet.

Of course going up as a GTI takes more than a powerful engine. Road holding, performance and practicality are all judged in claiming top hatch.

This latest from Mercedes-Benz shows great promise.

For starters, the A250 4MATIC (four-wheel-drive) ticks all the right boxes in the looks department. The hatch bears a passing resemblance to the Volkswagen Scirocco but is more slender around the belt line.

The most striking design feature is the glitzy front grille that makes an immediate impression.

2019 mercedes-benz a-class interiorEven Mercedes admits that the “optimised dimensions and proportions have led to a new interpretation of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class”.

Sports suspension gives the hatch a nice slug-stance that defines the road performance it promises, however the most interesting figure is its aerodynamic drag coefficient which, at 0.25, is claimed to be better than any other existing five-door hatch.

On the inside, the A 250 takes every opportunity to remind you of its special status in the A-Class model line, aimed at attracting more youthful and sporty drivers.

For starters, the hatch gets a beautiful, gripping steering wheel, full of buttons. Also the cabin is bathed in fanciful ambient lighting and a high-definition screen to access infotainment functions.

No other compact five-door hatch has this level of interior sophistication.

Within the Mercedes family, the latest generation A-Class is the first to have an infotainment setup runs by Artificial Intelligence.

Its voice control feature, activated by the phrase “hey Mercedes”, understands a variety of languages. It will analyse comments and react accordingly.

For instance, it will lower the air-con temperature if you say “Hey Mercedes, it is too warm”.

The dashboard (like the GTI) gets carbon trim around the cabin in a motor-sport theme. The SLS derived aircon vents are also spiced up with wind tunnel like rings.

The highlight of the interior is the pair of sport seats dominating the front cabin.

Fabricated with a mix of alcantara and leather, they do a great job keeping you in place when tackling the twisty bits, very comfortable even when travelling for long periods.

While the A-Class does not suffer from lack of headroom, legroom is a little cramped once a tall driver or passenger sits up front.

Then placing a third passenger in the rear would be a bit of a squeeze.

Boot capacity is decent at 370 litres, while folded capacity reaches a reasonable 1,157 litres. There is no spare, only an inflator/repair kit.

On a whole, the A-Class cabin is well put together and more than adequate for the youthful crowd it is marketed for.

The A250 4MATIC draws power from a robust 2.0-litre turbocharged four cylinder unit pumping out a healthy 165kW at 5,500rpm while torque is 350Nm from 1,200rpm – 4,000rpm.

Off the line, the A250 4MATIC is brisk, the century sprint despatched in just 6.2 seconds, but the violent acceleration feels much faster.

Driven with a “sane” mind, the 7-speed double-clutch transmission is uncannily smooth shifting up or down, and choice of ratios perfectly matches the engine.

On the highway and on country roads, the A250 4MATIC impresses with a level of refinement one or two notches above its segment.

Its most commendable characteristic is ride quality on all surfaces, at any speed.

Easily the best riding car in its class, its suspension soaks up all kinds of irregularities, including protruding manhole covers encountered along our test routes.

Steering response is fast, accurate and sharp. While still not quite as fast as the GTI’s progressive rack, it still outperforms much of the competition in this category.

We do find the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is the best handling baby Merc in a while and will be a strong contender for the GTI sales charts.

2019 mercedes-benz a-class side and rearThe A 250 is covered by Mercedes-Benz’s three-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty. Servicing is recommended every 12 months or 25,000km.

Mercedes-Benz offers capped-price servicing for the A 250 with the first visit costing $396, while you can expect to pay $792 at for the second and third services.

Mercedes-Benz A 250 4MATIC Pricing and Specifications

  • Price: From $49,500 plus on-road costs
  • Engine: 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbo petrol rear-wheel-drive
  • Power: 165kW at 5,500
  • Torque: 350Nm at 1,800rpm
  • Transmission: 7-speed automatic double-clutch
  • Consumption: 6.6L/100km
  • Tank: 51 litres
  • Safety rating: 5-star ANCAP
  • Warranty: 3-years/Unlimited