2019 BMW 3 Series Launch Review | Asian Car Guide
March 5, 2021

2019 BMW 3 Series Launch Review

2019 BMW 3 series

The 3 Series is BMW’s most popular model, with over 15.5 million units selling since its 1975 launch. It is the iconic brand ambassador for the Bavarian automaker’s mantra as the “Ultimate Driving Machine”.

Initially the seventh-generation BMW 3 Series will introduce the Diesel 320d and Petrol 330i.

The 320d develops 140kW of power at 4,000rpm and 400Nm torque at 1,750-2,500rpm. 0 to 100km/h takes about 6.8seconds with standard 8-speed Steptronic sport transmission.

The 330i features the latest specification 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine, developing 190kW at 5,000-6,500rpm and 400Nm at 1,550-4,400rpm.

0 to 100km/h is about 5.8 seconds and combined-cycle fuel economy 6.4L/100km.

2019 bmw 3 series interiorRecently BMW’s mid-size luxury rivals have been gaining ground. For example, Mercedes C-Class is like a posh little S-Class, Audi’s A4 offers the feel of the larger A6, attractively priced, and Jaguar’s XE has established a new benchmark for ride-handling.

Does the seventh generation of one of the world’s iconic sedans retain its crown?

The latest-generation 3 Series cockpit is more high-tech than before and well equipped. Not wishing to mess too much with a winning formula, the latest G20 3 Series styling is more evolutionary than revolutionary.

From the front BMW’s signature grille is more prominent and now has active air-flaps and single-frame design, similar to grilles on the latest X5 and 8 Series models.

The latest-generation Adaptive LED headlights, with lower-edge styling curvatures, pay homage to the fourth-generation 3 Series.

The car is 76mm longer, and for more planted stance and better driving dynamics, front and rear tracks are wider by 58mm and 32mm respectively. A 41mm longer wheelbase also improves stability.

However, despite the car’s larger size and length wheelbase, the interior seems about the same. The increase in rear legroom is only 11mm but three normal size adults sitting back here are okay. 480-litre boot space is also the same.

The new 3 Series’ ride is relatively flat and composed. Even on firmer 330i M Sport suspension, jiggling over tarmac imperfections is reduced.

Variable sport steering is also standard on the M Sport version, good for quick turns (2.2 turn’s lock-to-lock) in tight confines; it gets weightier for more reassuring feel at higher speeds.

We feel the new 3 Series has been tuned for livelier starts and better overall drive-ability, rather than outright acceleration.

On Albury town and highway drive route stretches accelerations were quick and lively, especially in Sport mode. More importantly, the car is engaging.

Thanks to a communication helm, better chassis, 50:50 weight distributions and rear-wheel-drive, the sedan has a neutral and surefooted feel whenever roads get twisty.

BMW’s latest Cluster Architecture Rear-drive modular platform increases rigidity up to 50 percent, heightening handling dynamics whilst reducing noise, vibration and harshness.

New suspension, wider tracks and longer wheelbase provide even more sublime handling.

With double-glazed front screen and sound-absorbing A-pillar foam, wind noise and tyre roar are further subdued.

The cabin is noticeably current and modern, sharing design elements and tech features from the latest X5 and 8 Series.

Looking rather futuristic is the Live Cockpit Professional, with large 12.3-inch HD digital instrument cluster paired to a 10.25-inch Control Display.

Both components run on BMW’s remotely upgrade-able Operating System 7.0.

The Control Display is customisable, operated via touchscreen, iDrive controller, steering wheel buttons or gesture control.

The new 3 Series also has Intelligent Digital Assistant, activated by saying “Hey BMW” (You can re-programme the activation name).

Using voice commands, the system lets you configure functions such as navigation, climate control and audio.

“Hey BMW, I feel tired,” will adjust mood lighting, climate control and music volume for a three-minute “refresh”, before reverting back to the previous settings.

All said, the seventh-generation BMW 3 Series is a vast improvement over the previous model. It is also even more compelling thanks to the greater levels of technology, comfort and refinement.

2019 bmw 3 series sedanAll maintenance requirements are controlled by the Condition Based Servicing  system. With CBS, sensors and advanced algorithms monitor and calculate  conditions, including mileage, time since last service, fuel consumption and driving style.

Based on information captured, maintenance requirements are determined, identifying whether an annual vehicle inspection or oil service is due.

Selected BMW service and maintenance costs can be covered by advance payment of  Basic ($1,565) or Plus packages ($4,110.00).

2019 BMW 3 Series pricing

  • 320d – $67,900 plus ORC
  • 330i – $70,900 plus ORC


  • M Sport Plus Package – 320d: $2,300 / 330i: $2,000
  • Visibility Package – 320d: $3,900 / 330i: $3,900
  • Comfort Package – 320d: $2,000, 330i: $1,400
  • Driver Assistance Package (320d) – $2,400

Note: Customers are advised to contact their nearest BMW dealer for all pricing enquiries.