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September 21, 2020

2017 BMW 5 Series Review

2017 BMW 5 Series

BMW has made its 5 Series sedan since 1972, and this is its second-best selling model after the 3 Series. It has lasted so long because BMW excels at 5 getting the little things right.

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) has long been rightly acknowledged for crafting superior chassis, suspension and handling; however the Bavarians have recently been a little behind on the technology front – early versions of its iDrive earned derision for coming up short on what drivers actually needed.

Since the early 2000s, Daimler AG Mercedes has led the pack with progressive innovations. Now BMW has been working furiously to narrow that gap.

The new 2017 seventh-generation BMW 5 Series sedan, codenamed G30, boasts big weight savings, up to about 100 kg over the previous model, thanks to the use of aluminium, and a better exterior design with improved streamlining to create lower drag figures.

It offers a surround view system from four exterior cameras that work together to create three-dimensional views of the space surrounding the vehicle and displaying an overall view of all obstacles in the vicinity.

Yes, most cars have rear-view cameras, but the BMW 5 Series are better thought-out in how they show the car and its surroundings.

The screens are clearer.

The angles of the camera shots are better. The whole setup is designed to give the best views possible.

What is more, this technology is displayed on a new, 10.3-inch display touchscreen that syncs with features you can control with buttons on the steering wheel and centre console.

It is also sensitive to voice commands and hand gestures and even the top of the iDrive knob, which has a touchpad on it.

2017 BMW 5 SeriesBMW excels at painstaking attention to detail that adds to up make this 5 Series striking compared against its rivals (Audi and Mercedes Benz).

This car might not leap out at first glance, but the small details all combine together to form an overwhelming appreciation on your part.

Door height and handles are positioned and weighted for perfect entry; you do not even notice getting into and out of the sedan.

The adaptive LED lights (larger than previously) complement slightly larger kidney grilles that now contain automatic shutters for the first time, helping move air around the car for improved aerodynamics and therefore improved efficiency.

The grille enlargement is a small change, but makes the car just that much more memorable.

The controls on the centre console, set squarely around the centre dial, are big, easy to use and clearly labelled.

The interior is the part of the car we directly interact with, so it is essential to get it right.

Apart from the actual driving experience, the mood set in the cabin most closely reflects the calibre of the car.

There is the optional head up display that very conveniently displays current detected speed limit (from satnav data as well as camera recognition) alongside current speed, to make it easier to avoid fines.

There is an eight speed ‘Steptronic’ rear wheel drive auto transmission combined with a very fuel efficient and low emissions engine range to choose from, including four cylinder two litre turbo petrol or diesel, and three litre turbo petrol.

LED Headlights feature adaptive lighting of the road ahead, and cornering side illumination.

In terms of handling, the all-new BMW 5 Series has active body roll stabilisation which reduces body roll to hardly noticeable levels, showing much better control than the previous model, and feeling altogether more planted.

The car is a mighty impressive one, combining refinement with athleticism like nothing else.

The Adaptive driving mode pretty much sums it up: it measures your throttle, brake and steering inputs to work out your current driving style and can cleverly use Satnav data to prime itself accordingly.

For an example, at high speed, it can stiffen up the suspension before you actually turn into a corner. It is brilliant at anticipating your wants.

2017 BMW 5 SeriesBMW offers a basic pre-paid servicing package ($1,640) for the first five years or 80,000km which includes; spark plugs, oil and filters.

The Service Inclusive Pluse package ($4,600), over the same time period, includes brake pads, discs and window wiper blades.

2017 BMW 540i G30

Pricing and specifications:

Price: $138,610 +ORC

Engine: 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbo petrol

Power: 250kW at 6,500rpm

Torque: 450Nm at 1,380-5,200rpm

Transmission: 8-speed sports automatic

Fuel use: 7.2L/100km